Easy Okara Gateau au Chocolat

Easy Okara Gateau au Chocolat

It's a sugar, oil and gluten-free snack. All that's needed is mixing for these super-easy treats. Although it's only 55 kcal per serving, they are filling. It's full of fiber and polyphenol. It looks like Ohagi (sticky rice cakes), but it's not!

Ingredients: 4 muffin cups

Fresh okara
50 g
Low fat milk (or milk)
50 ml
Cocoa powder
25 g
Artificial sweetener
Same amount as 30 g sugar
Baking powder
1 teaspoon
Vanilla extract
a small amount


1. Put all ingredients into a bowl to mix together. (If there are some lumps in the cocoa powder, put through a sieve in advance.)
2. Place microwave-safe paper cups on a tray. Divide the batter into 4 portions and fill each cups with a spoon.
3. Microwave for about 3 minutes at 500 W. It's done. It's delicious chilled, too.
4. During Step 2, you could use microwave-safe muffin cups, too. They'll become more like muffins.

Story Behind this Recipe

I am on an okara diet now! I created this recipe without sugar, oil or flour. You can bake these in the oven, but it is easier and quicker to use a microwave, which doesn't require a mold either. There are good detoxing properties in cocoa that might help you lose weight!