Strawberry Liqueur

Strawberry Liqueur

I tried making a liqueur using seasonal strawberries. Fruit liqueurs are so fun to make.


900 ml
480 g
Rock sugar crystals
150 g


1. De-hull and wash the strawberries, and dry them well (you could pat dry each gently using paper towels). Put them in a single layer if possible in a ziplock bag or on a tray, and freeze until completely frozen.
2. Sterilize the storage jar you'll be using with vodka or other high-alcohol content liquor. (Do this one the day you will be making the liqueur.)
3. Put the completely frozen strawberries in the sterilized jar from Step 2, with the peeled and sliced lemon and rock crystal sugar. Pour the vodka over everything, close the lid and your work is done. Gently shake the jar occasionally to make sure all the strawberries are immersed in the alcohol.
4. I plan to let the berries macerate for 2 months, and age the liqueur while checking it for taste over a year.
5. After one week, the liqueur will have turned a pretty red color! The strawberries have lost their color and shape.
6. I took the berries, and passed the liqueur through a coffee filter. This liqueur matured faster than any fruit liqueur I've ever made, and when I tasted it the other day, it was already quite mild. I recommend this method for people who want a fast-maturing liqueur. The strawberry flavor was very good too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I bought a bit less than 2 kilos of strawberries, so I made this pretty colored liqueur, which was something I've been wanting to do.