Outstanding Somen Noodles with Bonito Noodle Sauce Granité

Outstanding Somen Noodles with Bonito Noodle Sauce Granité

I diluted a rich bonito based mentsuyu noodle sauce base with club soda and froze it to make a sauce granité. An elegant and delicious somen noodle dish to serve to guests or after drinks.

Ingredients: 3 servings

Bonito dashi base mentsuyu (2x concentrate)
50 ml
Club soda
40 ml
Somen noodles
2 bundles
Cherry tomatoes
Shiso leaves
3 leaves
Japanese leek
a small amount


1. Put the mentsuyu sauce concentrate and club soda in a bowl, mix together lightly and freeze for at least an hour. (You may question using the use of club soda to dilute the mentsuyu concentrate, but you don't taste the soda in it at all when it's turned into a granité.)
2. Even if you leave it in the freezer for a long time, it won't turn into a solid block due to the carbonation. Break it up with a fork, and the granité is done.
3. Boil the somen noodles for a minute and a half, drain and cool in cold water, and drain well. Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters, finely shred the shiso leaves and slice the leek very thinly using a slicer. Arrange the somen noodles in glasses, top with the leek, tomatoes and granité, and decorate with the shiso leaves.

Story Behind this Recipe

I'm fond of making easy granité at home with club soda, so I tried the method with bonito based mentsuyu noodle sauce concentrate. The result tasted really good, with the flavor of the bonito coming through well. I had my parents try it out too since they're particular about food, but they loved it!