Cream Croquette-Style Spring Rolls

Cream Croquette-Style Spring Rolls

This is spring roll but in cream croquette style.
It has delicious melting cheese and white sauce.

Ingredients: 5 spring rolls

Crab sticks
Cooked edamame (fresh or frozen)
50 beans
Heinz White sauce (canned)
Pizza cheese
5 tablespoons
Spring roll wrappers
Flour dissolved in water
as needed
Oil for deep frying
as needed


1. Separate the crab sticks into thin strips and cut into 3 portions. Mix well with edamame, crab sticks and white sauce.
2. Place 1/5 of mixture on a spring roll wrapper and top with cheese. Wrap the same way as a normal spring roll or refer to the instructions on the package. Apply flour mixed with water on the edge of sheet to act as a glue. Please make sure the pastry is stuck together well so that the mixture does not unravel while deep frying.
3. Heat oil to 340F/170C and place fold end side down and deep fry until golden brown. Mind the mixture doesn't burst out! Serve while it is still hot without sauce as it has already been seasoned.
5. You can also use asparagus instead of edamame. Blanch 5 pieces of asparagus and mix with white sauce. My kids prefer this version.

Story Behind this Recipe

I am creating recipes which use canned white sauce.

I was thinking about cream croquettes but using spring rolls was easier. So, I uploaded it here.