Easy and Tasty Bok Choy Namul

Easy and Tasty Bok Choy Namul

It's good to try cooking everyday vegetables in unusual ways. You can use other vegetables if you like.


Bok choy
2 bunches
○Sesame seeds
a generous amount
○Soy sauce
about 1 tablespoon
○Garlic (grated)
1/2 clove
○Sesame oil
about 1 teaspoon
○ Chinese soup stock
about 1 teaspoon
○ Sugar (optional)
a pinch


1. Wash the bok choy to the base and boil to the desired degree of firmness.
2. Cut into 2-3 cm pieces, drain well and add the ingredients marked ○ to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the namul seasoning ratio we use in our family.