Kappa's Summer Vacation

Kappa's Summer Vacation

This fruit parfait shows a kappa enjoying his summer vacation. He's looking for more kappa friends!


Kiwi (for your kappa)
Apricot (for your kappa)
1 slice
Plain yogurt
as needed
Jelly (melon flavor)
as needed
as needed
about 2


1. One kiwi will be halved (see Step 5) for the kappa's head and body. The other kiwi cut into four pieces for the arms and legs (chop any leftovers). Cut the apricot in half and put it face up on the plate. Use the kiwi skin to make eyes and hair. I used kitchen scissors for this.
2. Connect the kappa's head and body using a toothpick and place it in a bowl. Add the arms and legs and attach them with a toothpick if necessary. The kappa is now done. Note: I made a nose using kiwi seeds.
3. Cut up any fruit you like and add it to the bowl around the kappa. Then, add layers of yogurt alternating with fruit. When the bowl is 80% full, add jelly (break the jelly into small pieces using a fork).
4. Cut the half of the kiwi for the head a little bigger.
5. Round the bottom of the face piece to make a chin. Then make to cuts to form a mouth.
6. To make the hair, use the middle of the spiral slice of skin seen in Step 5.
7. Connect the head and body with a toothpick.
8. When making this one I only had one kiwi so the arms are banana.
9. Here he is, sunbathing.
10. Dive made a super cute kappa.
11. Berii brought me a kappa who is good at swimming.
12. Kirinnosenaka made a child's birthday cake.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw this in a magazine a long time ago and always wanted to try it. I've made it healthier and with easier to find ingredients than the magazine suggested.