Aussie Beef Yakiniku BBQ Beef Pie

Aussie Beef Yakiniku BBQ Beef Pie

This Yakiniku BBQ pie is very filling. It is easy to make since it uses frozen pie crusts.

Ingredients: 4 pies

Frozen pie crust
2 sheets
Aussie beef (Yakiniku BBQ cut or thin cut)
200 g (25%)
Yakiniku sauce (bottled)
to taste
Egg yolk
as needed


1. Cut the onion into thin wedges and the beef into bite-sized pieces. Stir fry together in a pan, and season with Yakiniku sauce.
2. Cut the frozen pie crust sheet in half and fold in the middle diagonally to make a triangle. Cut a line parallel to the edge about 1 cm from the top.
3. Open the fold, fold each edge toward the opposite side and lightly push the matching edges to stick together.
4. Put the filling in the middle, egg wash the pie crust, and bake in a 200°C oven for 20 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make something that is easy and quick to eat when I'm busy, but also filling.