Negi-Toro (Scallions and Fatty Tuna) Sushi Rolls

Negi-Toro (Scallions and Fatty Tuna) Sushi Rolls

So easy to make, and pleases everyone. This meltingly good sushi will satisfy both your tummies and your hearts.

Ingredients: 3 whole rolls

Fatty tuna (specifically for negi-toro, if possible)
200 g
Hot cooked rice
1 rice cooker cup
Sushi vinegar
2 tablespoons
Nori seaweed for sushi
3 sheets


1. Prepare fatty tuna sashimi to make negi-toro (sushi roll with scallions with fatty tuna).
2. Combine freshly cooked rice and sushi vinegar in a bowl. Cut in with a spatula.
3. Chop the scallions thinly.
4. On a sushi mat, place the nori seaweed horizontally (with the textured side facing up). Spread out a third of the cooled sushi rice, leaving about 25% space uncovered at the side opposite of you. Spoon a third of the tuna and scallions on top. Wet the uncovered area of the nori seaweed.
5. Roll up the sushi from the nearest end. Make two more rolls the same way. Slice to serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is our family's regular sushi roll.