Chikuwa Wraps with Green Beans

Chikuwa Wraps with Green Beans

This dish is great as a drinking appetizer or as a dish in bentos.

Ingredients: 4 servings

4 to 5 sticks
Green beans
Roughly 20
A dash
Sesame oil
As needed
Yakiniku Sauce - Japanese Barbecue sauce
As needed


1. Cut the green beans into 2-3 portions.
2. Blanch the beans for 2 minutes in salted hot water, transfer to ice water and drain.
3. Slice the chikuwa lengthwise into fourths.
4. Take 3 or 4 green beans and wrap up using the sliced chikuwa (so that the inside of the chikuwa faces out). Skewer with a pick.
5. Heat sesame oil in a pan over medium heat. Align the chikuwa wraps.
6. Grill until brown. Flip over occasionally.
7. Drizzle yakiniku sauce. Mix together and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother used to make this for me when I was living back home before getting married.
She would usually season it with soy sauce and mirin, but when I made this variation with yakiniku sauce, my kids loved it. I've been making this with yakiniku sauce ever since.