Kindergarten Bento (Flying Carp Sandwiches)

Kindergarten Bento (Flying Carp Sandwiches)

By just wrapping up sandwiches and adding stickers, you can make cute flying carp sandwiches (for Children's Day, May 5th). They are accompanied by "kashiwa-mochi" (pretend oak leaf wrapped mochi sweets, traditionally eaten on Children's Day) that I thought up on the spot.

Ingredients: 1 kindergartener serving

Sliced sandwich bread
as needed
to taste
1 slice
as needed
as needed


1. Make two rectangular egg sandwiches, and wrap them in plastic wrap.
2. Cut round stickers that you can buy at a 100 yen shop in half, and stick them on the wrap like fish scales. Stick the eyes on, too, using any color stickers you like, and the flying carp sandwiches are done.
3. For the kashiwa-mochi: Make an oval-shaped ham sandwich. Cut the ham and bread out together with the same cutter. Wrap it up in plastic wrap. Cut out a piece of green origami paper in the shape of an oak leaf and stick it on the wrap with tape. Done.
4. This is the macaroni salad side.
5. I had some cute bear-shaped pasta, so I boiled some.
6. Cut out some carrot and cucumber into cute shapes. Add the cut out carrot to the pasta water 2 minutes before the macaroni is cooked.
7. I used some tartare sauce left over from the day before to flavor the salad. My tartare sauce is made by mixing boiled egg, pickled, finely chopped onion, mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
8. The sandwiches and salad are done.
9. This is something I made on another day - sandwich wrappers decorated to look like birthday cake. Just for your reference.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of this the day before. Next time, I want to try to make flying carp with rice, too. My child didn't react that much, so maybe it didn't look enough like flying carp to him?