Easy Kamaboko Cheese Piccata

Easy Kamaboko Cheese Piccata

Kamaboko fishcake easily becomes a hearty side dish.
Enjoy as a drinking appetizer. Great for a bento dish.


1 slice
○Grated Parmesan cheese
3+ tablespoons
1 tablespoon
○Parsley (minced)
as needed
○Salt and pepper (optional)
as needed


1. Mix the ○ ingredients in a bowl.
2. Remove the kamaboko from the board. Slice into 5 mm. Coating with flour (not listed) makes it hold the egg better.
3. Put butter (not listed) in a pan. When it starts to bubble, dip the kamaboko into Step 1 mixture, place it in the pan, and fry. Dip it into the egg mixture again, and fry again. Repeating this 2 or 3 times gives it a thick egg mixture coating.
4. I added garlic chives into the egg mixture.

Story Behind this Recipe

I usually eat this dish with tonkatsu sauce + mayonnaise. It's also delicious.