Miso-Maru:Quick Miso Soup

Miso-Maru:Quick Miso Soup

You can make ready-to-eat miso soup by yourself. Much healthier and better taste than instant miso soup. Enjoy traditional Japanese soup in your daily life.

Ingredients: 10portion

powder dashi (no salt added)
sea weed(wakame or nori)
dried daikon(any dry vegetables)
sesame seed
bonito flake


1. Combine miso and powder dashi and divide it into 10 portion.
2. Shape them into balls and put topping (such as sesame seed, sea weed, dry vegetables, dry herbs, and nuts) on them. I recommend to cut those foods in short or crush into small pieces for the best result.
3. Put miso ball in a cup and pour 3/4 cup of hot boiling water onto it. You can use soy milk, tomato juice(no-salt), or milk in place of hot water.

Story Behind this Recipe

Miso soup is a soul food for Japanese. However, it is takes a while to cook it from taking dashi. To enjoy miso soup easier, I make this convenient miso balls and store them in my freezer. You can enjoy authentic miso soup by simply pouring hot water over this miso ball.