Accordion Sandwich

Accordion Sandwich

I made a dynamic accordion sandwich using convenient frozen foods! It's so easy to make! How about making this for your next picnic, hike, or BBQ?

Ingredients: 1

French baguette
1 large
Nichirei "Obento ni Good!" frozen karaage chicken
4 pieces
Nichirei "Obento ni Good!" Ebi Chili
1 bag
Nichirei "Obento ni Good!" frozen beef croquettes
4 pieces
Nichirei "Obento ni Good!" frozen mini omelets
3 pieces
Nichirei "Obento ni Good!" frozen mini hamburger patties h
4 pieces
as needed
Lettuce leaves
a lot
a little
a little


1. These are the frozen foods I am using. They have no preservatives or artificial flavors, so they're safe!
2. Cut slits into the baguette at 1cm intervals. Spread margarine on the inside of the slits.
3. Stuff with the lettuce.
4. Heat the frozen food as instructed on the package. Sandwich the frozen foods into the bread slices. For the karaage and croquettes, cut them in half so that they're not quite so thick. This will make them easier to bite into.
5. Pour sauce on the croquettes and ketchup on the omelets.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make an easy sandwich using frozen food. I think it'd be great for a party or birthday!