Daikon Radish Sprout Salad

Daikon Radish Sprout Salad

This is so simple, I am embarrassed to call it a recipe!! This salad looks pretty and tastes great . You can replace with regular sprouts.

Ingredients: 2-4 people

Canned tuna
1 can (80g)
Daikon radish sprouts
1 package
Ham (sliced or raw)
4-5 slices
Bonito flakes
About 1 small bag
Black pepper
To taste
Add if needed


1. Cut the ham into 3 cm squares and cut off the roots of the sprouts.
2. Mix the ingredients together, mixing the tuna with the oil; it tastes great this way. Finished!!
3. This is a photo from user "Miino". She used mizuna in place of daikon radish sprouts. It looks delicious. Mizuna isn't that spicy, so I assume they have no difficulty finishing this dish.
4. I cut out hearts out of ham slices (not listed) to decorate the dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I just copied what my husband's mother made.