Beef Rice Bowl With Yuzu Pepper Paste

Beef Rice Bowl With Yuzu Pepper Paste

This rice bowl has a little bit of zing! This is my family's favorite version of the classic beef bowl. (I changed the photo for the recipe.)

Ingredients: 2 to 3 generous servings

Thinly sliced beef
200 g
Shirataki noodles or konnyaku
about 1/2 pack
Yuzu pepper paste
1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons
* Sake
150 ml
* Mirin
100 ml
* Sugar
1 tablespoon
* Soy sauce
80 ml
Warm cooked rice
Green onions or scallions
to taste
Shredded nori seaweed
to taste


1. Put the sauce ingredients marked * (sake, mirin, sugar, soy sauce) in a small pan and simmer over low-medium heat until it's reduced by half.
2. Put a little bit of the reduced sauce in another container and dissolve the yuzu pepper in it. It doesn't dissolve well if you just put it in the pan. When it's dissolved, add back to the pan.
3. Slice the onion thinly then add the shirataki noodles which have been blanched in boiling water and cut up into easy to eat pieces. (If you are using konnyaku, blanch and cut up into bite-sized pieces.) Stir fry both in a frying pan with a little oil. Add the meat and stir fry until it's about halfway cooked.
4. Add the sauce to the frying and stir-fry quickly until the beef is cooked.
5. Put on top of a bed of hot rice, sprinkle on some green onion and it's done.
6. It was also delicious with shredded nori seaweed on top, so I added a photo.

Story Behind this Recipe

My yuzu pepper loving mother taught me this recipe. My mother doesn't put it on rice, but just enjoys it as a sake appetizer. It's delicious that way too!