Adzuki and Kinako Soy Powder Dango with Okara

Adzuki and Kinako Soy Powder Dango with Okara

Healthy and easy sweet dessert with plenty of fibre from okara, adzuki, and kinako flour.


Fresh okara
50 g
Adzuki bean paste (coarse or smooth)
50 g
1 tablespoon
2 teaspoons
Kinako (for coating)
as needed


1. I used this adzuki bean paste. Mix all the ingredients well (if you do this process in a plastic bag, it will mix better and clean up is easier.
2. Divide into bite sizes and place on a piece of baking sheet on a heat proof tray. Microwave (500W) for about 2.5 minutes.
3. Coat with kinako soy powder and transfer to a serving dish.
4. It is still very tasty without the kinako coating.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like user "Hitohitonomoto's" "Gooey One Bite Snack with Okara" (Recipe ID: 333323) and they are easy to make and tasty. I like it so much so I make them everyday. I also like user "Meifan's" "Gooey Sweet Snacks with Okara, Adzuki, and Green Tea" (Recipe ID: 342028) This is tasty too.
After trying these recipes, I made my own Japanese-style dessert recipe.