Strawberry Yogurt Jello

Strawberry Yogurt Jello

Let's make a cold strawberry dessert using tons of strawberries and has the overflowing fragrance of spring. So cute and easy! This fluffy yogurt jello is actually lower in cost and calories than when making bavarois with heavy cream! I really love it because it's so light.

Ingredients: 20cm flower cake mold

1 bag (approx. 300g)
3 bags of 5g (for 250ml)
White sugar
Lemon juice (optional)
1 to 2 tablespoons
Strawberries and fresh mint leaves for decoration
as needed


1. Here are the ingredients. I used 3 bags of Morinaga brand gelatin that comes in individually wrapped 5g bags meant for 250 ml of liquid. When using another brand of gelatin, make sure to have enough gelatin for 750 ml.
2. Slice off the stems of the strawberries and rinse well. Drain thoroughly. Blend in a mixer or a food processor to make a puree. Now add the yogurt and sugar, then continue to blend. Transfer into a large bowl and add the lemon juice.
3. Warm the milk in a pan until it's about 80℃. Add the gelatin and dissolve completely. Stir the mixture in the bowl gently while gradually adding the milk mixture.
4. Flower cake pan, ring pan, square pan, pudding cups, jello cups, or dessert cups - rinse whatever container you are using in water. Pour the jello mixture into the pan and chill in the fridge.
5. In a bowl or a pan prepare hot water and soak the jello container in it to slightly warm the outsides. Run your finger along the inside of the pan to remove the edges of the jello first, then cover the container with a serving dish. Hold it firmly with both hands and flip it over. Making sure the plate and the container is secure, shake it a couple of times to remove the jello onto the plate.
6. Top with strawberries and fresh mint leaves (not listed in the ingredients) to serve.
7. Here's how it looked like when I used a 45cm inner-radius ring pan which contains about 500ml.
8. I used the leftover jello mix from making a ring-shaped jello in dessert cups. It's topped with strawberry sauce made from thinned strawberry jam. With this amount, you could make one large jello with the ring pan above and 3 dessert cups that hold 100ml each.
9. How about making this dessert that's so rich in strawberries?

Story Behind this Recipe

I make this dessert every spring when it's strawberry season. Jellos are so easy and quick to make. Bavarois made with heavy cream are quite common, but because I'm not a big fan of heavy cream, I usually make lighter jellos using yogurt. Please give this recipe a try - it's so cute and packed with strawberries!