Packed Lettuce Sandwiches

Packed Lettuce Sandwiches

Challenge yourself to see just how much lettuce you can stuff into a sandwich!!
In short, this is a wrapped sandwich with the crusts. Just be careful not to unhinge your jaw!

Ingredients: 1 serving

Sliced bread
2 slices
as needed
Vegetables, eggs, sliced ham, etc
as desired


1. Place a slice of bread on a large piece of saran wrap. Spread with margarine, and pile on whatever fillings you like, such as chili peppers, mayonnaise, ham, veggies, etc. Top with the other slice of bread and wrap tightly with plastic wrap.
2. Just before eating, cut in 2 through the wrap.
3. These are the sandwiches I based this on – they are pre-made in the shop, and they only cut them after you order!
4. Lately, I've been using black sesame seed bread.
5. This one is with cured ham and lettuce.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is based on a sandwich I got at the airport. Sandwiched between two slices of thick bread was a frankly surprising quantity of fillings (there was more lettuce than bread!)

If it isn't held together with the plastic wrap while you're eating, it will all fall apart.