Notes- How to Whip Meringue

Notes- How to Whip Meringue

Several of my recipes include making meringue. I've combined all of my tips for whipping meringue here.


Egg whites (fresh ones)
As needed
As needed
A tiny amount


1. Combine eggs whites and a tiny bit of salt in a clean bowl with no oil or moisture. Whip with a handheld mixer on low until the egg whites are mixed.
2. Add a little sugar, and beat in at high speed.
3. When peaks form, add a third of the remaining sugar. When you add the sugar, the peaks will get soft and fall over, so keep whipping on high speed until stiff peaks form again.
4. Repeat Step 3 twice. (If the meringue look crumbly, it's been beaten too much.)
5. And there you have soft, glossy meringue!

Story Behind this Recipe

Several of my recipes include meringue. I gathered all the tips here so that you can make meringue without fail.