Chicken Tatsuta Sandwich (Japanese Crispy chicken sandwich)

Chicken Tatsuta Sandwich (Japanese Crispy chicken sandwich)

This is one of the popular sandwiches at the burger place in Japan. The soy sauce and ginger flavor goes really well with the cabbage and a soft burger bun. Try this out and I am sure you will love it!!


Tatsuta age (deep-fried chicken)
4-8 slices Recipe ID: 3482230
Hamburgers buns (Egg rolls are best)
Cabbage (cut into thin strips)
About 2 cups
to taste
to taste


1. Deep-fry the chicken Tatsuta. It is better to cut the chicken thighs at a 45 degree angle so that a piece could be bigger than bite size in order to adjust to the size of the bun.
2. Reference: Recipe ID: 3482230
3. Cut the cabbage into thin strips.
4. Rinse the cabbage in cold running water and strain well.
5. Slice the buns in half and warm them up in a toaster oven. Spread butter on the buns.
6. This is the soft and slightly sweet buns which I prefer to use.
7. On the bottom half of the bun, put the adequate amount of cabbage strips.
8. Put the fried chicken Tatsuta then pour mayonnaise over it and put on the top half of the bun.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make my favorite burger place sandwich at the burger at my home.