Simple Flower-shaped Sausages

Simple Flower-shaped Sausages

These are great for filling in nooks and crannies in bentos. I made this based off of they styles of several other people.

Ingredients: 2 pieces

Wiener sausage
2 kernels


1. Cut the wiener in half.
2. Cut a notch in the wiener as shown in the picture.
3. Cut a notch diagonally as well.
4. Cut one more notch in a another spot.
5. They open up when heated. You could boil, fry, or microwave them. If you use the microwave, heat them up at 600 W for 20 seconds while keeping an eye on them to make sure they don't explode, and take them out immediately after they open up.
6. Put corn or other desired decorations into the center.
7. This is a version I made with more petals. Take a look at the original recipe for reference.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this recipe using the recipes of various people as reference when making this.