Cinnamon Sandwich Bento (Charaben)

Cinnamon Sandwich Bento (Charaben)

A sandwich made in the shape of the beloved children's character Cinnamon! It's popular with kindergartners.


Sliced sandwich bread
as needed
Your favorite jam
as needed
Decopen (black, pink, orange) quick-drying type
as needed
Heart-shaped sugar candy


1. Draw the image on a piece of kitchen parchment paper and cut it out. Put the cut out picture on the bread.
2. Use kitchen scissors to cut out the rough shapes from 2 slices of bread.
3. This one is rather big.
4. Using the tips of the scissors, cut little by little, especially the corners, to fine-tune the shape. Compared to Step 3, it has a much better shape, right??
5. It's okay if the two slices aren't exactly the same size. ^ ^ If you use the larger slice for the top piece, no one will be able to tell~ Spread the jam on one side of the smaller piece of bread. (This time, I used peanut cream)
6. Make into a sandwich, and adjust the corners as needed.
7. Using a warmed deco pen, draw the face and ribbon. Put the sugar candy heart on the center of the ribbon to finish. When the chocolate has dried, you can pack it into a bento.
8. You can put it in a clear bag or a bento. This one is on top of a jam roll sandwich.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this to go along with my quail egg Cinnamon.