The Original Numa-San

The Original Numa-San

Thanks to everyone who's tried this!


Sliced bread (from a 6-slice loaf; each slice is about 2 cm thick)
2 slices
Cabbage (shredded)
140 g
Onion (sliced)
20 g
Bacon Slices
1 slice
Sliced cheese (melting type)
1 slice
Grainy mustard
to taste
2 tablespoons!
Black pepper
to taste


1. Julienne your cabbage into shreds. Slice onions.
2. Place a slice of cheese, followed by bacon on one of the slices of toast, and heat in toaster next to another slice of toast without any toppings.
3. Once toasted, spread mustard on the slice without any toppings.
4. Mix mayo and black pepper into the cabbage and onions (combined) from Step 1. If you're adding pickles and black olives, you should add them here in this step.
5. Place a mound of the cabbage mixture on the slice of toast with mustard.
6. Complete the sandwich by topping with the other slice of toast with the cheese and bacon.
7. Press down gently from the top. Try to apply even pressure, using both hands.
8. Cut the sandwich evenly in two, and you're all done!
9. Note : We usually use about 3 cabbage leaves and 1/8 of an onion. I try to not to shred my cabbage too thinly, to keep the texture in tact.
10. Combine the mayo and cabbage at the very last minute. If you let the two sit for a while after they're mixed, you'll risk ending up with watery cabbage.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband, Numao, has been eating this sandwich for years since he was little. Try it out with different toppings and twists, and find your own secret recipe!