Ultra-Healthy Yogurt Cheese Cream

Ultra-Healthy Yogurt Cheese Cream

I made my favorite whipped cream for decorating cakes without heavy cream Please use this in the same way you would use whipped cream. Use it on fruit, crackers, cookies, tarts, ice cream, on cakes, etc.

Ingredients: An easy to make amount

Plain yogurt (before draining)
200 g
Condensed milk
2 tablespoon (adjust to taste)
Skim milk powder
2 tablespoons


1. Drain the yogurt overnight (at least 8 hours). The next day, it will have reduced in volume by half. Mix the condensed milk and skim milk powder in the drained yogurt, and it's done.
2. I piped it on crackers. It really is like whipped cream. The skim milk powder makes it firm, so the cream is firm.
3. Here I drained blueberry yogurt overnight, and just mixed in some skim milk powder. It turned into a beautiful light purple cream. The whey that drained out was sweet and purple colored, and could be enjoyed as is. No condensed milk is added for this.
4. I needed a lot of cream to decorate a strawberry sponge cake ("strawberry shortcake") so I doubled the recipe here, and mixed it with 200 ml of whipped cream. It was delicious. It's lower in calories than 100% cream, but it was really rich.
5. I tried it generously piped onto a strawberry mousse Bavarian cream, and it was delicious.
6. It was great on top of simply sliced strawberries too. The color is beautiful too.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to enjoy a smooth mouth feel like whipped cream, without using cream. The whey that comes out is nutritious, so don't throw it out. Drink it as a sour drink, or turn it into whey-lemon jello, or lemon-whey-milk jello, which are all delicious. Please take a look at the referred recipes.