Easy Chicken Ham

Easy Chicken Ham

The light-pink ham is great in salads or in sandwiches.

Ingredients: About 3 rolls

Chicken breasts
3 breasts
1-1.5 tablespoons per breast
1-1.5 tablespoons per breast
Coarse black pepper, herbs
to taste


1. Remove the chicken skin, coat with sugar and salt in that order, seal in a plastic bag, and let it sit for half a day to a whole day (if you decrease the amount, it won't taste like ham).
2. Rinse off the salt and sugar with water, and wrap it up like wrapped candy with cling film. Side note: This procedure is to remove the salt rather than thoroughly washing it. Put water into a bowl, dunk the chicken in, and slowly drain the water (or repeat several times in clean water). Let sit for about 30 minutes.
3. Side note: The salt content will not drain completely even if you leave it for a while, so change the water several times if you wish.
4. Boil plenty of water, and add the chicken from Step 2. Bring to a boil once more, turn off the heat, and let it sit until it cools. Note: The temperature will rise quickly if there is less water.
5. This is what it looks like after removing it from the hot water. Pictured from the left are seasoned with Krazy Salt, black pepper, and herbs.
6. (It'll become more flavorful if you use flavored salts). Cut into desired portions.
7. Side note: The saltiness of the chicken ham varies on the size of the meat, marinating time, and how much the salt content is removed. Adjust the salt and sugar in Step 1 accordingly.
8. Side note: It seems that in winter, the hot water will cool too quickly if the temperature of the room is low, and the chicken ham will not cook through properly. Increase the amount of hot water, and cover with a lid as necessary.

Story Behind this Recipe

It is better to wrap the chicken and then boil it instead of boiling it unwrapped, as it will tenderize the meat. Serve the removed chicken skin as an appetizer.

Once you cover it with sugar and salt, let it sit. You also let it sit when removing the salt content. You put it in hot water and let it sit. The point is to let it sit for long enough that you forget that you are even making it.