Easy! Kanten Jelly

Easy! Kanten Jelly

I've been eating this jelly daily since my pregnancy when I suffered from sluggish digestion, and it was effective in treating my symptoms. Could it have been the agar agar?
Since this recipe uses 100% juice, I don't use any sugar, but feel free to add canned syrup or sugar.

Ingredients: 10 dessert cups

Powdered kanten
3 to 5 g
200 ml
100% fruit juice
500 ml


1. Heat a pan of water, add powdered kanten and dissolve. Simmer over low heat for at least 3 minutes until the kanten has completely dissolved.
2. While the kanten is simmering, rinse the dessert cups with water.This step will prevent the jelly from sticking to the cup when you eat it.
3. Stir in the juice, a little at a time. If you add it all at once, the kanten will set in the pan. I slightly raise the heat at this time.
4. Pour the jelly mixture into the rinsed cups, let sit until they cool down, chill in the refrigerator, then serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

Constipation during pregnancy was an issue for me, so a friend of mine who is a dietitian suggested I try eating food with agar agar in it. That's why I started to make this jelly, and continue to eat it even now. When I started, I ate two cups a day--one in the morning, one at night--and had 1 bowel movement every 5 days, but now I have one every one to two days. My child also likes this jelly, and since it's inexpensive to make, I find it a very handy recipe.