Na-Tofu Dip (Natto + Tofu)

Na-Tofu Dip (Natto + Tofu)

A cream cheese you can quickly make for vegetarians. It's rich and deeply satisfying. It's almost like rice gratin (doria) if you pour it over rice! It's also great as a dip for crudites and steamed vegetables, or you can just eat it straight with a spoon.


Natto (fermented soy beans)
45-50 g
200 g
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
Plum vinegar
1 tablespoon
☆If you don't have plum vinegar ↓
1 large (pitted)
☆If you have it↓
Juice from grated ginger
to taste


1. Lightly drain the tofu (lightly press the tofu over a sieve) and blend all of the ingredients well in a mixer until soft.
2. Caution: The natto can get stuck on the blade and make it difficult to mix. Just keep an eye on it and occasionally mix it with a spatula.
3. It was also great using umeboshi instead of plum vinegar (the sour ones, not the sweet ones). The smell from the natto is better if you add the juice of grated ginger.

Story Behind this Recipe

I found out that tofu and natto can become something like cream cheese when I saw the recipe "Macrobiotic Recipe! When You Crave Cheese..." (Recipe ID: 280794) by Shihojo. As I'm impatient and want to eat it straight away, I put it in a blender.