Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girls’ Day) Hina Doll Sushi

Hinamatsuri (Japanese Girls’ Day) Hina Doll Sushi

Very cute Hina Doll sushi!
This is a working recipe that's improving every year!
It is a lot of fun to make because each doll has its own expression!

Ingredients: One pair of an Emperor and Empress)

Plain cooked rice
1 rice bowlful
Raw salmon
1/2 a piece
White sesame seeds
1 teaspoon
Shiso leaves
Sushi vinegar
as needed
Quail egg
Black sesame seeds
4 grains
Nori (dried seaweed sheet)
as needed
one thin round slice
Snow pea
1 pod


1. Boil the quail eggs and peel. Parboil the snow pea and the carrot (cut into quarter-rounds). Cook the salmon, debone, peel off the skin, then flake it into pieces. In a round skillet, make a thin egg crepe and cut in half.
2. Make sushi-rice by mixing sushi vinegar into rice. Add and mix the flaked salmon, Shiso leaves cut into thin strips and the white sesame seeds. Shape the rice mixture into triangular rice balls.
3. Stick toothpicks in the top (for the hair ornament) and bottom (to affix to the rice ball) of the quail eggs.
4. Wrap the rice ball with the thin omelet like a robe. Place the snow pea (Emperor) and the carrot (Empress) in between the rice balls and the quail eggs. Use a toothpick to secure it if necessary.
5. To make the eyes, using a toothpick, make small holes at the height of the eyes of the quail egg, then insert black sesame seeds.
6. The 2005 version. The faces are the basic quail eggs.
7. For the Girls' Day 2006, I used a round cheese ball for the faces. The emperor has a piece of asparagus in the picture.
8. I made their face with rice balls in 2007. Their faces are tilted for some reason…looks like they're about to cry!!
9. In 2009, I figured out that the quail eggs are the easiest. The eyes turn out better using a toothpick to poke a holes for sesame seeds.
10. The 2010 version was the omurice or the omelet covered rice. I tried a new hair style for the Empress. Raw carrots and asparagus for the decoration are easier to handle!
11. In 2011, I used a part of a boiled egg instead of the quail eggs for the faces. Their faces are round and the Empress has a bob haircut.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is the Hina Doll (Girls Day Doll) Sushi that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.