Homemade Agedama (Tempura) Fried Batter Bits

Homemade Agedama (Tempura) Fried Batter Bits

Tap the edges of the pan with a whisk and you'll have nice small fried batter bits This way, you won't have big lumps.

Ingredients: Easy-to-make amount

Cake flour (or tempura flour)
15 g
1 1/2 tablespoons
Deep frying oil that you've used several times
as needed


1. In a bowl, add the flour and water, and mix until there are no lumps. Easy!
2. Heat the oil to 170-180°C. Leave some batter on the whisk and gently tap the edges of the pan. The batter will form into small tempura bits without creating big lumps. Once they are nice and crisp, just drain off the excess oil and they're done.
3. Since this recipe uses recycled deep frying oil that has been used several times, they are good enough as-is even if you don't use tempura flour. The batter bits absorbs the great flavor from your previous fried dishes. The recipe doesn't call for eggs, so you don't need to worry about your cholesterol intake. But of course, you can use tempura flour (with water and egg) instead.

Story Behind this Recipe

I heard that someone was trying to make nameko mushroom tofu (Recipe ID: 297589) but was having trouble making agedama tempura bits, so I decided to post how I make mine.