Ponzu Rice

Ponzu Rice

Do you find yourself pouring ponzu sauce over rice porridge whenever you finish your hot pot? If you add ponzu when you cook rice, it tastes good. Please enjoy it with your desired spicy toppings!

Ingredients: 5 servings

White rice
3 rice cooker cups
100 ml
Desired spicy toppings
As needed


1. Wash the rice.
2. Add 100 ml of ponzu sauce.
3. Combine with enough water to reach the indicated water level, then turn the cooker on.
4. Mix everything together just as it's done cooking. Actually, this is tasty as it is. The burned parts are delicious!
5. Add green onions and jako...
6. ... and mix everything together.
7. It goes really well topped with shiso leaves. This time, I enjoyed it with sweet miso with butterburr sprout.

Story Behind this Recipe

My staff tells me these are tasty, so I made them. Delicious! A must-try if you like refreshing, vinegary flavors.