Whole Wheat Bagels

Whole Wheat Bagels

I heard that these bagels are lower in calories than the ones made with only white flour, so I decided to make them! I based this recipe on a recipe from Kuoka. I like these bagels with dried fruit as well as plain ones.

Ingredients: 4 bagels

Bread (strong) flour
150 g
Whole wheat flour
100 g
Brown sugar
15 g
4 g
Dry yeast
2 g
140-150 ml
Water for kettling
Fill the pot with water 4-5 cm high from the base
Brown sugar for kettling
Use enough to colour the water dark brown


1. Preparation: Sift the bread flour, brown sugar and salt if there are any lumps. Preheat the oven to 230℃ so as to bake the bagels straight away after kettling. However, do not preheat the oven for too long because the temperature will be too high and the bagels may burn.
2. Put the bread flour, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, salt and dry yeast in a bowl. Toss lightly, add water and mix well.
3. After mixing to a dough start to knead until smooth on a floured work surface. Knead for about 20 minutes although you will still feel the coarseness from the whole wheat flour after 20 minutes. If necessary dampen your hand to knead the dough if it is too stiff. Dust the work surface with some flour if the dough is too wet.
4. After the dough is elastic shape into a ball. Divide the dough into 4 portions and shape into balls. Cover with plastic wrap and moistened kitchen paper. Leave to rest for 10 minutes. If you're using dried fruit, mix it in when you form your balls.
5. I will show you how to shape the dough into bagel rings in detail. Roll out into a 10-cm-diameter round after resting the portioned dough.
6. Fold both sides towards the centre to make the ends straight as in this picture.
7. Roll up the dough from the front. When you roll press the dough hard with your fingers to make dense-textureed bagels.
8. Seal the end by squeezing the dough together with your fingers. Roll into a 20-cm-long sausage shape. When you do this try to make both ends slightly thicker.
9. Flatten one end of the sausage shape and wrap the other end to seal the ring. If you do not seal the ends tightly at this point they might come apart later.
10. Shape the dough nicely with the seam side down.
11. Place the prepared dough onto parchment paper and cover with plastic wrap or a plate. Leave to prove for 30-40 minutes until the dough has doubled in size. It takes more or less time depending on the room's temperature.
12. After proving cook the dough. Heat the kettling water with the brown sugar in it and drop the dough in to cook for 30 to 40 seconds. Keep the water gently simmering. If the temperature is too high the bagel will form wrinkles on the surface. I start to preheat the oven at this point.
13. This is the dough just after proving and before kettling. The two at the bottom have dried blue berries.
14. This is after kettling. Can you see the difference? They have doubled in size after kettling.
15. Put them in the preheated oven straight away after kettling (if the oven isn't completely preheated it's fine to wait until it is). Bake at 230℃ for about 11 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I like healthy bagels. I heard that the whole wheat ones are lower in calories I decided to give them a try.
I often add dried fruits to reduce the amount of sugar but even plain these bagels are delicious because of the whole wheat flavor.