Good for Beginners Cream Puffs

Good for Beginners Cream Puffs

The processes are accompanied with photos and I noted the recipe in detail so that it would be easy to follow even for beginners. Make cream puffs you've always wanted to make.

Ingredients: About 10 pieces

Cream puff dough
Cake flour
60 g
Unsalted butter
50 g
a pinch
110 ml


1. Put cake flour in a plastic bag and shake. This the same as sifting it.
2. Combine butter, salt, water in a pan and heat on medium. When the butter has melted completely, take the pan off the heat and add Step 1 in one go. Mix well with a wooden spatula.
3. When the mixture clumps like the photo, put it over heat once again.
4. When a thin layer forms on the bottom of the pan, take it off from the heat and transfer the mixture into a bowl. It might be different depending on the heat, but there would be a layer forming after about a minute.
5. Break an egg in another bowl and whisk. Then add the egg to Step 4.
6. Break the second egg and whisk. Add half of the egg to Step 5 and mix well. Then, add the rest of the egg and mix.
7. Be careful when adding the third egg. Continue to "add a little and mix" a few times and mix until the batter resembles the photo. When you scoop it with a spatula, it should take a while (for about 3 seconds) to fall and the mixture remaining on the spatula forms a triangle. Do this carefully.
8. There was this amount of egg left this time. Preheat the oven to 170℃.
9. Put Step 7 in a pastry bag and squeeze the dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Pipe each to about 3 cm in diameter with space in between. The trick is to not draw a circle while squeezing... but to keep your hands still and squeeze it out!
10. Wet a spoon and press down on the pointed ends. Spray water on top (to prevent drying)
11. If you want to make a big puff, lift your hands slowly while squeezing the dough out and make the dough into a mountain. Pipe it to about 5 cm in diameter.
12. Bake at 170℃ for about 30 minutes. The dough would start to rise, but do not open the oven! If the oven temperature drops, the dough would not inflate. Wait until they have a nice color!
13. Done! The picture are small ones from Step 9 and big ones are from Step 20. Chill on a rack.
14. Squeeze cream into the cream puff shells. You could also make a horizontal cut too. Sprinkle powdered sugar to your liking.

Story Behind this Recipe

I failed many times at making cream puffs. So from those experiences, I wanted to make a no-fail cream puff recipe!! If you are going to make it, you want to succeed, right?