Mekabu Seaweed and Natto on Tofu for Dieters

Mekabu Seaweed and Natto on Tofu for Dieters

When a user posted their diet mekabu seaweed and natto recipe (Recipe ID: 299095), I told them that I usually eat this with tofu; They suggested I upload my version, so I did.

Ingredients: 1 serving

1/3 block
1 pack
1 pack
as desired


1. Cut the tofu into desired sizes and place in a dish. Mix together the mekabu, natto, sauce, and Japanese mustard.
2. If you combine everything in the mekabu pack, you can cut down on the amount of dishes you'll have to wash. Just pour it on top of the tofu and it's complete!!
3. If you like, top it with shicimi spice or a poached egg. This is delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

In my house, we enjoy tofu topped with something as a snack together with an evening drink in the summer and the winter. I love the sticky viscous texture, so in addition to this recipe, I also love topping it with okra or grated yam along with kimchi!