Easy Microwave-cooked Milk Jam

Easy Microwave-cooked Milk Jam

Besides spreading it on bread, this milk jam can be spooned into coffee, tea or your regular glass of milk. It's also really good when poured over strawberries.

Ingredients: about 150 ml when finished

200 ml
Granulated sugar (or regular white sugar)
100 g


1. Put 200 ml of milk and 100 g of sugar in a large heatproof bowl and microwave for 3 minutes! Take it out and mix well. Microwave at 500 W for 14 minutes, or about 9 minutes at 700 W, or 8 minutes at 900 W! And that's it. Microwave without covering with plastic.
2. When it's done it will have reduced in volume by half. If you put a spoon in when it's fresh out of the microwave it may splatter, so be careful! Transfer to a sterilized jar while it's still hot. When it cools down, store in the refrigerator.
3. If you add a tea bag during the first 3 minutes of cooking in Step 1 to brew out some tea, then take out the tea bag to cook the milk syrup some more, you will have delicious milk tea jam.
4. To make this in a pan: Combine 400 ml of milk and 200 g of sugar in a pan, and cook over medium heat. Simmer and reduce while stirring frequently for 20 to 25 minutes. (Be careful of having it boil over and spill.)
5. When it becomes creamy and thickened, and takes on a light caramel color, take it off the heat and transfer to sterilized jars while still hot. When it has cooled down, store in the refrigerator.
6. When it cools down it becomes even thicker and creamier, and becomes delicious milk jam.
7. Add to coffee...for sweet and delicious milk coffee.
8. I topped toast with strawberries and other fruit, and spooned plenty of milk jam on top. An easy yet delicious dessert.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned the recipe from my mother, who has been making this for me for a long time, and changed the amounts to make it easier to make.
I used to make it in a pan, but Cookpad users Anninhime and Wankomama taught me an easy way to make it in the microwave. I make it in the microwave all the time now too. Thank you, you two. Wankomama taught me how to make the milk tea jam too. It's so delicious.