Ikko's Secret Recipe for Okara Biscuits

Ikko's Secret Recipe for Okara Biscuits

The ingredients are just okara and sugar!!! Delicious and crispy.

Ingredients: 17 biscuits, each 8 cm in diameter

Fresh okara
250 g
70 g
Some sort of lid


1. Mix the okara and sugar well in a bowl. You can use your hands.
2. Push the mixture into a tablespoon.
3. Drop the the mixture on a sheet of baking paper.
4. Place cling film on top.
5. Press hard with a soft plastic lid or the equivalent.
6. It'll become like this.
7. Bake for 30 minutes in the pre-heated 320F/160C oven.
8. After baking, transfer to a microwave dish and arrange them like this. Heat in a 500 W microwave for 1 minute. Flip over and heat for another minute. Adjust the time according to the thickness of the biscuits and the type of microwave.
9. Allow to cool on a cooling rack and you will have crispy biscuits. Do not pile up like this while cooling.
10. I had a lot of comments saying that they couldn't get the crispy texture. Repeat the Step 8 process patiently and you should get a good result.
11. Depending on how moist your okara is, you might have difficulty shaping the okara with a tablespoon. Add more water if necessary.

Story Behind this Recipe

Shop-bought okara biscuits don't have a lot of okara and instead have plenty of flour and butter. I tried to make my own biscuits. This is my secret recipe.