Sticky Bite-sized Okara Snacks

Sticky Bite-sized Okara Snacks

These are springy and sticky like mochi or pao de queijo. You can make them easily in the microwave. Enjoy their just baked springy texture!

Ingredients: 6 bite-sized pieces

Fresh okara
2 tablespoons
Brown sugar syrup (or honey or maple syrup)
2 scant tablespoons
Chocolate version
1 teaspoon


1. Mix all the ingredients together and knead. Roll the dough into bite-sized pieces and microwave for 2.5 minutes at 500w. Done! (You don't need to wrap them when microwaving.)
2. Mix in cocoa powder for a chocolate version. Kids love this. You could also use kinako, matcha or sesame seeds.
3. If you make double the amount, knead it well, otherwise you won't get the sticky texture.
4. Here is a curry version, made by adding curry powder. Tasty with a bit of a kick. The ones in the back are black sesame flavoured.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat something that was healthy and filling, made of okara and easy to make when I was on a diet. I used what was in my kitchen and came up with this mochi-style snack. I always used butter and sugar, but this time I used brown sugar syrup and they were better than ever. They contain okara, so enjoy with liquid to fill your stomach. After eating them, your stomach will feel bloated, so don't eat too many!