Hassaku Citrus Marmalade

Hassaku Citrus Marmalade

Slightly bitter and not too sweet! It's a great marmalade for making desserts.


Hassaku citrus
White sugar
45% of the weight of peel + fruit


1. Wash the hassaku oranges (I used some pesticide-free oranges that I had been given) and peeled away the orange-coloured part. Shred and weigh the peel (82 g in this case) and boil and drain it a couple of times to reduce the bitterness.
2. Remove any remaining peel with the pith (white parts) until you just have the actual fruit remaining.
3. Take apart the segments. When doing this, push each segment upwards, as shown in the picture, to avoid losing too much juice. Weigh the total weight of the segments. In this case it was 750 g.
4. Weigh out the sugar to an amount that equals 45% of the total weight of the hassaku orange fruit and peel (which was 375 g here). Add everything to a pot and place over a medium heat.
5. Mine turned out like this. It might have been better to have removed it from the heat a little earlier though. It became quite a sticky marmalade. But since I removed all of the pith, it's also become a brilliant orange colour.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was given lots of hassaku oranges.