Diamond Shaped Doll Festival Sushi

Diamond Shaped Doll Festival Sushi

I made hishimochi (diamond shaped mochi) shaped sushi using milk cartons. Use whatever you like for the ingredients.

Ingredients: 3 pieces (2 cups of rice)

For the sushi rice:
2 rice cooker cups
Sakura denbu (mashed and seasoned pink fish)
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Smoked salmon
about 2 slices
Salmon roe
to taste
for garnish
Egg (For making kinshi tamago egg strips)


1. Fry the egg in a thin omelette and cut into strips (kinshi tamago). Boil broccoli in salt water or microwave.
2. Divide the sushi rice into 3 equal portions to make 3 different colors of sushi rice. For pink: Mix with the sakura denbu For green: Mix with aonori; For white: as-is.
3. Cut the milk carton into about 6cm length, draw a lines on the outside with a marker at 2cm intervals. Cut a notch into the lines with scissors. (This is to mark where to pack the sushi rice up to.)
4. Cut one corner of the carton open vertically, and tape that corner back together with masking tape. Make sure that the tape does not get folded into the inside of the carton. (This makes it easier to remove the sushi rice when finished.)
5. Place the milk carton on top of a sheet of plastic wrap, pack in the green sushi on the very bottom up to the first notch, add in the white sushi rice up to the second notch, and fill the milk carton up the rest of the way with the pink sushi rice.
6. Cut smoked salmon into small pieces and stack together, making a flower as shown in the photo.
7. Place the sushi rice from Step 5 onto a plate, and remove the milk carton. Decorate with the salmon flower, broccoli, egg strips, and salmon roe then it's done .

Story Behind this Recipe

I am the only girl in my family. thought up some cute sushi for the Doll Festival just for myself!