Luxurious Tofu Desserts

Luxurious Tofu Desserts

I think we agree that there's nothing more delicious than rich and creamy Johnny Tofu (a brand of high quality tofu). But for our family, it's a bit of a luxury. So, I tried to find an easy way to change cheap tofu into Johnny-like tofu. It may be mock "Johnny," but it's still good.

Ingredients: 4 servings

Silken tofu
2 blocks
As much as you like♪
As much as you like♪
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon


1. How do you get rid of the smell in cheap tofu, that you don't notice in Johnny's? Add lemon juice and make it into a paste, using a whisk.
2. Then, put the tofu in a paper towel-lined strainer, and drain overnight.♪ If you put a weight on it, it's faster, and you can have it for dessert at noon the next day.
3. Top the drained tofu with molasses and kinako, and enjoy.
4. This is the black sesame and molasses version. It's yummy, too.
5. Here is a green barley version.
6. The variations are endless!

Story Behind this Recipe

I love desserts with Johnny Tofu, but I can't buy it very often because it's over our budget. But I really want to eat it!! I came up with this recipe because of a greedy craving.