Rooster's Comb Drink (Alcoholic)

Rooster's Comb Drink (Alcoholic)

My friend Takuchi said "This drink turned my face the color of a rooster's comb!" I really liked that, so I changed the name of the drink to Rooster's Comb Drink. This is a drink for grown-ups. (In other words it has alcohol.)

Ingredients: 1 serving

Red wine
100 ml
Ginger ale
100 ml
Beer or happoushu (a type of low-alcohol bubbly drink)
100 ml
Lemon juice (optional)
a small amount
Ice (optional)
as needed


1. Put in the red wine.
2. Add the ginger ale.
3. Add the beer or happoushu. Heheheh. (I used happoushu. I think draft beer would be better, but once I added lemon juice, it was pretty good.)
4. Add lemon juice to taste and stir. (By stir, I mean stir 10 to 15 times with a spoon with the rounded side facing up, not quite touching the bottom of the glass.
5. Enjoy! (Hiccup!)
6. Here I added a lemon slice. The bubbles are gone...
7. A tip from Takuchi. If you are adding ice, wet the ice with water first to make the drink very foamy. Wow!

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought I'd seen something like this in a cocktail book I thumbed through at a bookstore and tried making it. However I'm certain it wasn't named like this. (Well duh.) I wanted to add lemon juice, so I did. I learned about this method of stirring a drink from the manga "Bartender". I wanted to make a cute beer based cocktail drink. Maybe "cute" isn't the right word to use here?