Pokemon "Pokeball" Bento

Pokemon "Pokeball" Bento

This is the easiest Pokemon bento I could think of. I was asked to think of something a bit more difficult but this what I ended up making.


Imitation crab sticks
as needed
Hot cooked white rice
as needed
Nori seaweed
a little


1. Wrap the rice in cling film and form into a ball shape. It's better to make the bottom a little flat, like a pork bun, so that it doesn't roll around.
2. Using a knife, open up the crabstick and very carefully slice off the red part. Lay this red part of the crabstick over the rice. The thinner it is cut the more easily it will form it's shape around the rice.
3. Cut a circular piece of kamaboko (the white part of the imitation crab). If you use something around your kitchen as a puncher or a template you can cut a nice and neat circle. This time I used the lid of one of the seasoning containers for bento boxes.
4. Place this piece of kamaboko over a sheet of nori and cut a slightly larger circle around it.
5. Lay a thin strip of nori seaweed across the center of the pokeball and place on the button that was made in Step 4 to complete.

Story Behind this Recipe

Originally I was going to make something different but then I was suddenly asked to do something Pokemon themed that morning and this is what I came up with....