Plain or Chocolate Pon-De-Ring Style Donuts

Plain or Chocolate Pon-De-Ring Style Donuts

I didn't use a piping bag for these, I just shaped the dough with my hands. They feel just like the ones you can buy at Mister Donut, and there's just three basic ingredients.

Ingredients: For making 5 to 6

●Hot cake or pancake mix
150 g
100 g
●Silken tofu (no need to drain)
200 to 250 g
Plain chocolate and sugar
as needed


1. Combine all the ● ingredients. Add just 200 g of the tofu first, then mix. Add remaining tofu little by little so as not to leave lumps.
2. Moisten your hands and shape the dough into coin-sized balls. Lay into a circle on 10 cm-square parchment paper. Use 8 balls to make one circle.
3. Slide the shaped dough together with the parchment paper into oil pre-heated to 320°F/160°C, and deep-fry over low heat. When the parchment paper slides off, remove from the oil.
4. Coat with melted chocolate or sprinkle sugar to your liking.
5. You can shape the dough into small bite sizes. All of that icing looks so good!!
6. Here are colorful ones. The one on the front has a matcha sugar coating.
7. You can make donut holes with melted chocolate. These wouldn't make your hands messy.
8. Make pretty shapes with biscuit cutters.
9. Try putting sweet bean paste inside.
10. I prefer the other donut recipe I came up with, though. Recipe ID: 321522 (Pon De Ring) I like the texture that the kinako flour creates.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make my older Pon-de-Ring recipe easier, but as far as the texture goes, the older one is softer and better. If you want to have a softer texture, try my older recipe.