Homemade Tentsuyu and Mentsuyu in the Microwave

Homemade Tentsuyu and Mentsuyu in the Microwave

Tentsuyu is tempura dipping sauce, and mentsuyu is noodle dipping sauce. Make tentsuyu in the microwave while you're frying the tempura. Make the dipping sauce for somen noodles this way, too! Add a little sugar to turn it into a sweet and savory sauce for your rice bowls. Turn the used bonito flakes into furikake rice sprinkles.

Ingredients: easy to make amount

120 ml
Soy sauce
40 ml
40 ml
Bonito flakes
a lot!


1. Measure the soy sauce, hon-mirin and water in a 200 ml capacity cup to fill it up to the 200 ml mark. Add a tons of bonito flakes and immerse them in the liquid. Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes, and the sauce is done.
2. The bonito flakes used in the sauce are delicious, so toast them in a frying pan until dried out. Add some bonito powder, chopped shio-konbu and toasted sesame seeds to turn it into furikake.

Story Behind this Recipe

My parents made dashi stock with lots of bonito flakes. They used to use freshly shaved bonito.