My Sushi Vinegar Recipe

My Sushi Vinegar Recipe

Foolproof! My own sushi vinegar recipe that suits my taste. I'll introduce a surprisingly easy way to make sushi rice.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount

Rice vinegar
200 ml
70 g
30 g


1. Just mix everything together. If the sugar doesn't dissolve, microwave it beforehand.
2. Chill in a clean glass bottle sterilized with boiling water.
3. How to make Easy Sushi Rice Cook rice with kelp and a modest amount of water. Do not mix. Put the cooked rice into a dampened sushi rice tub (hangiri). Add sushi vinegar; the ratio is 20 ml to 1 cup of rice cooker cup worth of rice. Cool the rice with a hair dryer set on cool (that's the trick!) as you mix.

Story Behind this Recipe

I decided to make sushi all of a sudden, but I didn't have sushi vinegar. That's how I came up with this recipe.