Looks Like Waffles, But It's Galette

Looks Like Waffles, But It's Galette

My friend gave me trappist galettes, so I arranged it into a waffle shape. It's delicious when chilled and just after it's been baked!

Ingredients: about 2050 kcal total

Cake flour
220 g
Granulated sugar
100 g
100 g
to spread in oven sheet


1. Put the margarine and sugar into a food processor and mix together.
2. Add the egg and flip the switch on. Mix well.
3. Sift the flour then add it to the food processor and mix together to complete the batter.
4. Form the batter into golf ball sized balls. (You can save any extra batter in a freezer to be used for next time.)
5. Heat a waffle maker and spread the margarine on the iron. Then place the rolled batter on the iron and close the lid to bake.
6. It's done when it's the colour is nice and browned. It's crispy and delicious when piping hot, but it's also tasty when cooled down.

Story Behind this Recipe

The galette I got is cooked in a monastery, so it's more tender and sweet. The shape is different from what I knew before, so I wanted to try and imitate it.