Tasty Chinese Chives and Crab Sticks

Tasty Chinese Chives and Crab Sticks

An easy way to consume one whole bunch of Chinese chives.
For times when you want one more side item, or when your partner arrives home late and hungry...
A superb combo of Chinese chives, crab sticks, and ponzu sauce. Just go ahead, and give it a try!

Ingredients: 1-3 servings

Chinese chives
1 bunch
Imitation crabmeat sticks
as needed
Ponzu (or vinegar and soy sauce)
to taste


1. After rinsing the chives and shaking off the excess water, put them into a vinyl bag. Bend slightly to fit on your microwave plate. Pop in the microwave and cook one side for 1 minute, flip the bag over, then cook the other side for 30 seconds.
2. While microwaving the chives, shred as many crab sticks as you desire. Add water to the bag with the chives to cool it down, squeeze well to remove the excess water, then cut into 3 cm sections.
3. Toss the shredded crab sticks and the chives together, sprinkle on ponzu sauce, then it's ready to serve. Serve with a dab of Japanese mustard or a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

Story Behind this Recipe

I often use ponzu sauce on chives, so this time I just added crab sticks... and, surprise! It was delicious!!! Even my husband who doesn't usually give compliments said it was tasty.