Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard

Make an easy caramel custard with just one pot. There are no lumps at all. If you make plain custard with this recipe, it will be much easier because of the fewer steps.


A) White caster sugar
50 g
1 tablespoon
Low fat milk
50 g
B) White sauce (Recipe ID: 306899)
30 g
(↑If you plan to use it to fill breads or need a stiff cream)
Egg yolk
White caster sugar
30 g or more
Low fat milk
200 g
a small amount
Vanilla oil
a few drops


1. Microwave the milk for about a minute. The yellow thing in the photo is 30 g of "Urufuwan's" frozen roux (refer to Steps 8 or 9 on how to make the white sauce).
2. Put the (A) water and sugar in a sauce pan and heat over low to moderate heat until the sugar has completely melted. When the colour starts to change to light brown, shake the pan and continue to heat until nicely browned.
3. After it has browned, turn off the heat and shake the pan until is browned to your liking (in residual heat).
4. Add the (A) milk little at a time and continue to whisk (if the milk is too cold or you add the milk in one go, the sugar might crystallized, so add the milk little by little).
5. Add the (B) white sauce roux to Step 4 and dissolve well. Add the egg yolks and sugar and stir well. If the sauce cools, return to heat.
6. Add (B) to Step 5 little by little and stir well. After it has thickened, it is ready. Add a little salt to sharpen the flavour at the end. Adjust the amount of sugar to your taste. Use vanilla oil, rum or brandy to give it flavour.
7. The one in the right is made following this recipe. The left one is made with muscovado sugar and powdered milk. It tastes richer. If you add coffee, you could enjoy a caramel mocha flavour. If you want to make plain custard, change the Step 4 sauce to 50 g of milk and follow the same procedure of Steps 5-6. Add vanilla oil.
8. "Urufuwan's" white sauce roux Put the roux into a thick plastic bag and roll with a rolling pin over the bag. Make lines by pressing down a long chopstick and freeze. I used 2 portions this time.
9. Instant white sauce roux Put 15 g each of plain flour and batter in a plastic bag and mix over the bag by rubbing with your hands. Freeze until it is needed. If you want to make stiffer cream, change the amount to 20 to 25 g each.
10. If the cream is too runny, you could add more white sauce roux later. If you mix for too long, the sauce might get too sticky, so mix quickly.
11. when I was testing how much white sauce roux is needed to make the cream thick, I mixed the cream too long and made the sauce too sticky. I added more milk, eggs and sugar to make caramel custard instead. I was worried, but it tasted OK.
12. I made the caramel cream for making cream buns but I mixed the caramel cream in the spongecake batter instead. These are swiss roll made with it. I used a small cake tin so they are mini Swiss rolls.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make a caramel flavoured custard for cakes. If you mix this cream with whipped cream, it will be vary tasty. "Urufuwan's" Recipe ID: 306899 is cooked with just with plain flour and butter, so you could adjust the flavors later. You could use it for cooking or baking like this.