A Gathering of Snails Using Futomaki Sushi Rolls!

A Gathering of Snails Using Futomaki Sushi Rolls!

This is a recipe I thought up while looking at datemaki ( rolled omelettes with fish paste). I figured I could make these snails with futomaki (fat sushi rolls) too!

Ingredients: 2 rolls

Futomaki rolls
1 cut
1 cut
Processed cheese fish sticks
1/4 stick
Chocolate chips
4 pieces
Wiener sausage
Thin pasta noodles
1/4 stick
Thin pretzel sticks
1/2 stick
Shiso leaves, cherry tomatoes
To taste


1. Cut the wieners in half at an angle, boil, and let cool.
2. Make the eyes with the above ingredients.
3. Cut the processed cheese fish sticks to about the same thickness as the chocolate pieces, and push the chocolate pieces into the slices.
4. Facing the cut part of the wieners downwards, place the short pasta into the eyes. (It is easier to do if you make a small hole in the wieners beforehand with a toothpick).
5. Stand up a slice of datemaki or futomaki on the sausage, and you are done! I used small bits of thin pretzel sticks to secure the datemaki to the sausage.
6. I placed a snail on top of a shiso leaf!

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up various ways so that you could eat the whole thing, but I couldn't make the eyes well with pretzel sticks... So I used pasta instead.