A Famous Hakata Speciality - The Soup is Yummy! Motsu Nabe (offal hotpot)

A Famous Hakata Speciality - The Soup is Yummy!  Motsu Nabe (offal hotpot)

Although the soup has a light soy sauce base, the garlic and Chinese chives add lots of richness and make the soup really delicious. To finish, you have to make a porridge! It's irresistably good. Low in calories and easy, this is a well balanced nabe (hotpot).

Ingredients: about 3 servings

Pig offal (motsu), raw or boiled
about 300 g
about 3 cups (600 ml)
●Dashi stock granules
1 teaspoon
●Chicken soup stock granules
1 teaspoon
●Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
4 tablespoons
Red chili pepper
4 cloves - or as much as you like
about 1/4 a head
Chinese chives
1 bunch
Bean sprouts
1/2 bag
as much as you like
Maitake mushrooms (or other mushrooms)
as much as you like
Cooked rice, egg, green onions
to taste


1. Process the raw offal: Wash the offal well especially on the insides under running water. Blanch in boiling water briefly. When a lot of scum comes off, drain into a colander or sieve, and wash off any impurities under running water.
2. Slice the garlic, and the red chili pepper. Cut up the cabbage and chives into big pieces. Shred up the mushrooms into large clumps. Put the ● ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Add the garlic and chili pepper.
3. Line the bottom of the pot with several pieces of cabbage, and put the offal on top. Layer the rest of the cabbage, mushrooms, tofu, bean sprouts and chives on top in that order.
4. When the pot comes to a boil, lower the heat so that it doesn't boil over. Simmer until the cabbage is wilted without stirring. Stir everything once and it's done.
5. At the end when just some broth is left, add the rice and swirl in the beaten egg and make a porridge as the "shime" (the last part of the hotpot) - it's delicious! Sprinkle in some chopped green onion to taste and enjoy.
6. Appuru Akko tried this and added ramen noodles at the end. Next time I'm going to try that as the "shime"!! Miemie tried udon noodles!

Story Behind this Recipe

The motsunabe (offal hotpot) I had in Kyushu was soooo delicious, I tried re-creating it. The flavor is very close, so I'm satisfied.