Crabstick Cabbage Wraps

Crabstick Cabbage Wraps

For times when you need just one more side dish! Just pop these in the microwave. It's a refreshing item that's a snap to make.

Ingredients: The amount shown in the photo

Cabbage leaves
4 (or as many as desired)
4 (or as many as desired)
Ponzu, mayonnaise, or other condiments
to taste


1. Peel off each cabbage leaf, rinse, then even out the thickness by shaving off the protruding part of the stalk. Without draining excess water, wrap the leaves in plastic wrap and microwave for 3 minutes.
2. Once the cabbage leaves cool down, lay a crab stick at the base (as shown in the photo) and wrap it up.
3. It should look like this once it is wrapped (Since the cabbage leaves are tender, there is no need to use a toothpick to secure).
4. Cut the wrapped crab stick and transfer to a serving plate.
5. Serve with ponzu sauce or mayonnaise. I used ponzu sauce.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I was organizing my bookshelf, I found a cut-out from a magazine of this recipe. That recipe had carrots and daikon radish wrapped in boiled cabbage, but I came up with the tasty idea of wrapping crab sticks.
When I tried it out, it was so easy to make and tasted good, so I posted the recipe here.